Unemployment Extension:Obama Speaks About The Doc Fix In It

In his weekly address to the nation President Obama said that the Republican party was attempting to block the passage of HB 4213. Their objection appears to be in the Medicare “doc fix” that would prevent a cut in payments being made to doctors who accept Medicare patients. Also on this bill, called the “Tax Extenders bill” is an extension of the unemployment benefits, tax measures, and recently added to the bill was a price per barrel tax to assist in the clean-up costs from the Gulf.

What The President Said

During his weekly address he said that doctors receiving Medicare patients would start feeling the pain of this bill not passing this week, and this “could lead seniors to lose their doctors.” This has been one of the major concerns of a large voting population along with the unemployment amendment. In his address he accused the Republicans of stalling when he stated “Some Senate Republicans may even block a vote on this issue, after years of voting to defer these cuts, the other party is now willing to walk away from the needs of our doctors and our seniors.”

The Ill Winds Of Discontent Are Rising

With all the attention that this bill is receiving, in a bad way, to add this fuel to the fire will quite probably burn many incumbent bridges. Recent polls are showing that the public is more concerned over the state of the unemployed, and soon to be, seniors that are losing their doctors, than are worried bout the deficit. But they don’t need these polls to tell THEM anything.

Implications Pending

Looking at the recent election results of late also, should convince the legislators that the people aren’t going to tolerate “politics as usual” anymore. As an example look to S.C. where an incumbent lost the race to an unknown, so unknown in fact that no one knew about the pending felony charge. I laughed long and hard when I realized the implications of having $10,000 laying around in this election year. All the unemployed…who have nothing better to do (as one Senator put it)…may make November a little tense for some.

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