Unemployment Extension:Is Tax Extenders Part Of The Incumbent Problem

Polls conducted recently of the American voting public are showing some not so surprising news…Incumbents are having a hard time at the voting booths. At least in the primaries that have already been conducted. In South Carolina an unknown, unemployed, man beat out a veteran legislator. This alone should demonstrate the amount of frustration that the people feel about their elected officials.

What The Gallup Poll Shows

Gallups’ study showed that the majority of registered voters would rather vote for an inexperienced candidate before the incumbent, unless they were Democrat. In their poll 71% of Republicans and 69% of the Independents quizzed said they would vote for the inexperience rather than the pro. A whopping 60% overall in the groups polled. If the results in the primaries are considered, this would seem to apply to all the parties, though. The poll also shows that only 32% of the voters asked believe that “most members of Congress” deserved re-election. This is the lowest level ever recorded for this question in the past.

A Recent CBS News Poll Results

Democrats and Republicans both have a 54% and 55% disapproval rating respectively. After hearing those numbers it will be no surprise that the approval rating for the legislators of this country is only at 15%. Most Americans also believe that our leaders do not share the same priorities. Only 45% of the people think Obama has the important issues in mind.

Obama’s Disconnection To The Unemployment Issue

It can only be surmised as to why, but the President has had very little to say about the unemployment extension, or additional tiers for the long-term unemployed. If one looks at the polls and recent primary election results an understanding may begin to develop. Combine that with the 15 million voting people that are losing their benefits and you may start to understand. One CNN poll not mentioned here also showed that the American public was less concerned about the deficit, that the Republicans are concerned about, than they were concerned about Medicare and the unemployment extension.

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