Unemployment Extension: Senate Close To A Deal Says Baucus

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus made a statement late Monday about the tax extenders bill, this is the bill that ha an extension of unemployment benefits, stops medicare physician pay cuts, and will probably help this nations economic recovery by decreasing unemployment, or at least easing the upsurges that are expected to come.

HB 4213 Had A Few Problems

There were some Senators that were not happy with the way the bill proposes taxing the gains on the sale of an investment partnership. There were also objections to the fact that nearly all of this bill has been declared an emergency and exempt from the pay-as-you-go rules. Olympia Snow of Maine said “There are a number of issues with the extender bill.” And Senator Bill Nelson of Nebraska stated “Priorities are priorities, but emergencies are emergencies, they’re not always the same.” He did go on to say that he hasn’t seen a Senate version as of yet, and would keep an open mind when he did see the final product.

Finished Tonight Introduced Tomorrow

Staffers at the Senate Finance office claimed that the final draft would be ready by 7:30 PM Monday night. They also hinted that the bills introduction would be delayed until Tuesday so as to allow the Congressmen to absorb all the aspects of this legislation. There has been a few drastic changes since it came to the Senate from the House just before the holiday weekend, (holiday week for the Congressmen.)

Passing This Will Be A Good Thing

A very good thing indeed. If you consider the temporary nature of 411,000 jobs added to the market by the U.S. Census Bureau that will end in late June or early July. The bleak May job report could be a major driving factor, or possibly the 15 million unemployed people…many of whom are voters.

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