Unemployment Extension Passed The House–On To The Senate Now

Protests from a primarily Republican group against the bill claimed that the bill contained too much debt to overlook. They sided with LeMieux, saying that while the unemployment is of a crisis level, it isn’t an emergency and that there has been plenty of time to make concessions to off-set the costs. ALL TO NO AVAIL!

The F-Bomb Put On The Table

In a rousing statement Rep. George Miller said that “If you’re unemployed what the f— difference does that make to you,  if you had a job you would take the job.” This was in response to the Republicans that were saying that if unemployment extensions were ended the unemployment rate would drop. No doubt this is true as the benefits run out the 15 million will drop from the roles that the Labor department keeps. Representative Miller pointed out that people were losing their homes in spite of the unemployment benefits assistance.

An Argument That Was Highly Successful

His argument on the people losing homes combined with the faxes, e-mails, and calls to many offices got this bill through the House. Even though it wasn’t a job this task has been performed extremely well. But the work is not over, the Senate has to tackle this one…and quickly if their holiday weekend isn’t to be totally ruined. (So, so sad.) I have reason to believe that they will work and get this through fast, and then fast-track it to the President. If they keep the recent election results in mind when they take this in hand, this shouldn’t have very many issues getting out of the Senate and on to the Presidential Signatory.

Time to get the Senatorial websites and faxes on fire to get them moving like their heads were on fire…

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