Unemployment Extension: Guess What A Senator Makes Yearly

There are over 15 million unemployed people in the U.S. that have daily worries over what they will feed their children, how they will pay their bills, and get gas to go looking for a job. In a lot of these peoples minds they are thinking “Thank you Mr. Republican Senator,” or “another fine mess you’ve gotten us into (smack.)” I realize that the unemployed do not make up the entire population of the U.S., but they do make up a significant portion of the voters, and many of these people actually know other voters that are sympathetic to their cause, job or no.

Here’s What You Pay these Elected Officials

The yearly average salary of our leaders is about $174,000. This money is paid to them through the taxes that are paid “by the people for the people.” If you consider the several yearly vacations and other benefits that go with the job that’s quite a hefty salary, but it doesn’t stop there. They are allowed allowed to make outside money, in many instances a private business or consulting firm, oh, I almost forgot, there’s the occasional speaking engagement. The speaking engagements usually pay more than 10 thousand dollars for a few hours, transportation can be arranged if the Congressman can arrange to be close. This can usually happen at the tax payers expense.

A Call To Reduce Their Salaries

A petition to reduce the salaries of these elected officials down to $50,000 yearly has been opened at Change.org. So far this petition has only received a little over 200 signatures, but as the public becomes aware and the unemployed become more desperate this is expected to change. One individual I interviewed about this situation, Dan Gill, declared “I believe every elected official from judges to Congress, Municipal level up to Federal, should take a 50% pay cut, and retain their benefits or retain the monetary reiteration and do away with the benefits, I think this would solve the national deficit.” Well said Dan.

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