Unemployment Extension Gets Pushed To The Back Burner Again

For the last few weeks 15 million or more unemployed Americans along with some of the Democratic Senators have been working diligently to get the Tax Extenders bill passed by the end of the month. Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader, has even went as far as to make threatening statements about not recessing for the holiday unless this bill was passed. I am sorry to report that the Senator has recessed the present session for the two week holiday without taking the issue into hand.

The House Passed It Amid Protests And Bombs

Labor Chairman, Rep. George Miller dropped the f-bomb in response to one groups accusations that the extensions only made matters worse as they encourage the jobless to not look for jobs. He made a statement about many millions losing their homes and security. Even with 34 Democrats voting against the bill, and only 1 Republican that voted with it, the bill passed the House, but not until the Senate Majority Leader had called for the recess. The Medicare so called “Doc-Fix” amendment portion passed with a lot less trouble with a vote of 245 votes for and 171 votes against it.

Senator Harry Reids’ Statements

The final blow to add insult to injury was when the Majority leader called for the recess that he had threatened to delay if the bill had not been passed. This move will cause many to start losing their benefits beginning on June 2nd, one can only wonder why Senator Reid had this change of heart. Up until this point he has been one of the biggest proponents for the unemployment extensions that have been added to the bill. According to the Senator, the bill will be taken up on June 7th when the Senate returns from their 2 week hiatus.

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