Unemployment Extension Finally Passes Senate In 59-39 Vote

The filibuster the Republican party has had going on against the unemployment extension has finally been broken. The 59-39 vote will restore unemployment benefits to more than 2 1/2 million jobless people who have been begging their legislators to give them for the last 6 weeks. The successful vote was taken after President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid, and a slew of other senior politicians; analysts, and even the labor Department officials; berated, scolded and presented the facts to the Republicans until they were blue in the face.

On To The House

Yes, this bill has been to the House for their approval before it landed in the Senate in filibuster, but there were changes made in the Senate that need to be approved by the House. This is all expected to be passed early tomorrow. The reason for this delay is apparently a legitimate one, having to do with the bill not actually being ready to be passed to the House until after midnight. While it is expected to meet little resistance in the House there are the rules they must follow allowing for proper debate and final vote. While these things will only take around 4-5 hours according to aides, they will take some time.

On To The President

The exact time of his signature on the bill hasn’t been announced as of this writing, but a safe assumption would be, that he would waste no time on it. He has been berating the Republicans for their tactics to delay this bill, so it will occur quickly, no doubt. After that the benefit recipients will have to contact their states Department of Labor, or State Employment Office to find out when to expect to receive their benefits. Extended benefits vary from state to state, but in the states with higher unemployment rates up to 99 weeks are available. While this bill contains no additional tiers to the unemployment benefits it is still hoped that this may be forthcoming.

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