Unemployment Extension: 70% Want Jobs Over Deficit Worries

The national unemployment rate of 9.5% has many Americans worried that just maybe they will be the next one to get in line at the employment offices. A recent Gallup poll shows that Americans are becoming dismayed at our legislators eagerness to add to the national deficit, a legitimate concern, but more people are starting to say that while deficit spending is at an all time high, they would rather have the extensions in place.

Almost $34 Billion Added To The Deficit

The bill that went through the House just before the Senate took their July 4th holiday passed with opposition from both sides of the fence, Republican and Democrat, but was passed with a decent majority, not the 2/3rds they attempted to get, but pass it did. The problem has been with the Republican Senators and one lone Democrat that cites that the deficit spending at runaway levels, but once Governor Manchin of W.Va appoints an interim Senator to the late Senator Byrds seat it is believed that the bill will have the votes to pass.

More From This Poll

The poll shows that Americans are closely divided about the unemployment extension, but most believe the way this administration is handling the jobless situation is poor. Most do not believe the stimulus programs in place are doing any good, and more than half say that deficit spending is “out of control.” President of Selzer & Co., Ann Selzer, that conducted the study said “The number they’re seeing change is the deficit. It’s rising at what seems like an astronomical rate. The number that seems intractable is the unemployment rate.” With the November mid-term elections coming up quickly the mood of the American public is definitely anti-incumbent, which will make it hard for anyone to get re-elected…Democrat or Republican.

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