Toyota Makes Recall No. 3

Today it is Toyota. Tomorrow it could be another car company. Many car companies, both foreign and domestic, use the same suppliers. The company that made the gas pedals for Toyota makes them for other companies. This is not to say that the parts will fail in other cars, but this batch did. It is cheaper to use the same companies and often the same parts in many brands of cars. The downside is that when something goes wrong with one company, it will inevitably affect others.

The Western Nations Should Unite Against The East

Instead of attacking Japan (which always considered themselves white and apart from the other Asian nations) we should be extending a sympathetic hand to them. But, the unions here are piling on the Japanese, seeing a chance to sell American cars (parts of which are made abroad) at a faster rate. The real enemies are the Chinese. As proof, until recently the Japanese were our largest creditors. Now the Chinese have that honor. The Japanese never tried to control us by lending us money as the Chinese do every chance they can.

Hybrids Are For Wimps

The wimps who drive the hybrids are having problems with the brakes instead of the gas pedal. Hybrids are complex machines that serve no purpose. One still has to put gasoline into them. They switch back and forth between fossil fuel and battery. This is a recipe for disaster. The batteries are charged in newer model Toyota hybrids by the act of braking, which stores the energy created. Either the car should run on fossil fuels or not. It is foolish to mix the two. It is just a sign of status for the Green crowd. It is mixing apples with oranges. This hybrid problem concerns the latest recalls of Toyota Prius and there are the same reported problems with the Lexus Hybrid.

Every Car Company Has Recalls

Cars are complex machines. Every brand faced a recall and will continue to face them. It is not the work of the Japanese that caused the problems. In fact, most of the defective parts were manufactured in the United States. We are an economy based on debt. When people do not go into debt our economy does not grow. We should not be throwing stones at the Japanese. Our status has fallen to a debtor society.

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