Tier V Unemployment Benefits: Still In The Air And Millions are Losing

Literally hundreds of thousands of people are losing their unemployment benefits as their extensions run out, and the Senate, most notably the Democrats, are sending mixed signals concerning the Tier V extension that so many are hoping for. With the mid-term elections coming up this is a dangerous game, and the voters have long memories and are very unforgiving.

Mixed Messages Concerning The Tier V Extension

Max Baucus (D-Mont.,) Senate Finance Committee Chairman, told Bloomberg in an interview “You can’t go on forever, I think 99 weeks is sufficient.” Even though he had this to say, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.,) one of the Senate leaders, has emphatically supported an extension for the present unemployment benefits. In a letter posted in the Rochester Unemployment Examiner that was verified, he stated “I will work with my colleagues to create a fifth tier of benefits.” Like statements have been made by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and other Senate members. Senator Harry Reid (R-Nev.,) the Majority Leader, had encouraging words but he also has made no definitive moves yet.

Still Working On It

When questioned about the Tier V extension, Harry Reids’ office in Reno said that the negotiations are still in progress and no specifics were forthcoming.He also pointed out that “I have heard other senators say they will never vote for an extension if it has a Tier 5.” Not good news for the million that will be voting n November. Both the House and Senate has passed measures that will extend benefits until the end of the year, but the measures have to be reconciled still. Mr. Reids’ office has made the statement that the reconciliation will happen before the end of May.

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