Ford Sales Up By A Whopping 40% For March Reporting

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) saw fantastic sales during the month of March. The automaker saw their Ford car sales increase by a whopping 40 per cent. The leader of the pack was the Ford Fusion. It set an all-time monthly record for sales with an increase of 79 per cent compared to the same time the previous year.

The Ford Fusion, Focus, And Taurus All Offer Strong Sales

Ford sold 183,783 units in March. The previous years sales in March totaled 131,465. The Ford Fusion was sold to 22,773 customers. This is almost double the number Ford sold a year earlier. Ford was also pleased with the sales of the Ford Focus. March saw sales of 19,500 units compared to 12,383 units sold a year earlier. Ford also saw strong sales in the Taurus. The number almost doubled from the previous year. They sold 7,001 units.

Ford Attributes Part Of The Sales Increase To Improving Consumer Confidence

Ford said that the March incentives along with improving consumer confidence has helped to create the strong demand in the last seven months. Another part of the equation has to do with a certain Japanese automaker yelling out for recalls. It ended having a nine per cent drop in sales.

Ford Is On The Road To Recovery

Since the new year Ford has had some wonderful news. One of these is the surge in stocks. After Ford sales surged, expanding beyond even the wildest expectations, it sent the company’s stock soaring. At one point it reach above US $11 which resulted in the highest level since August, 2005. The stock has more than quadruped in value over the past year. Investors laid odds that the automaker would stay out of all federal bailouts. They have been right. How many people will be buying a new Ford in April?

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