Donald Trump: Global Warming Is A Scam On American Business

Perhaps letting the cold get to him a little too much “The Apprentice” head honcho and real estate magnate says that Al Gore should return his Nobel Prize. Trump says that New York is suffering through the coldest winter on record and that the temperatures and snowfall prove that Global Warming is a myth. Trump believes that Gore perpetuates that myth and should be punished for doing so. Of course Trump doesn’t believe that Gore is the sole force driving this scam. The Don believes that environmentalists and the “Liberal Left” have convinced Americans of this scam simply to hurt American businesses and advance their own agendas.

Cold Doesn’t Mean No Climate Change

While this winter has been pretty unbearable for almost everyone it is not the coldest ever. In fact it’s not even close, as this decade has been the warmest on record. Whether or not that means that Global Warming is actually taking place is still very much up for debate but Trump and the people who agree with him do themselves no favors claiming snow equals proof of a lie. Those who support the premise that Global Warming is caused by man, claim that the warming trend causes more precipitation in the air as well as extreme weather changes. Those could combine to cause the cold temps and high levels of snow.

The Unfortunate Political Football

Whether the bad weather is due to the usual environmental changes that the earth goes through from time to time, or whether it’s due to human interaction; the question should be left up to scientists. The worst thing that happened to the environment was when it became a political issue. In the day and age of hyper-partisanship no side can admit there’s room for movement. No side can claim they may not be 100 percent right, and no one is wrong. That kind of debate does no one any good.

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