Unemployment Extension: Where Do We Go From Here

By Jeffrey Paulsen on July 12, 2010, 5:53 am Posted in Finance News

With the passing of Senator Byrd the issue of getting the bill that contains the unemployment extension in it approved has become infinitely more complicated. Senator Reid has hinted that as soon as the late Senators seat is filled the votes needed will be in place, but Governor Manchin has said that the appointment would last too long, and is requesting a special election in November. What happens in the meantime is this…

Manchin Must Appoint An Interim Senator

But before he can do that the Governor has to have the approval of the W. Va legislature. He has called a special session for just that purpose now, they are to meet on July 15th at noon. Once he has approval an appointment will be made, this is expected to happen no later than the 18th. With the political and economic climate in the U.S. at present, it is anticipated that this will be expedited. Since the late Senator was a Democrat, the seat must be filled with another of the same party, so once the interim appointment is made, the votes will be available for the extension to pass.


3.3 Million By The End Of The Month

Considering all the number juggling going on when the unemployment rate is reported by the Labor Department, their estimate of 3.3 million losing their benefits by the end of the month is probably unreliable also. Their estimate of those losing by the time that the Senate reconvenes of over 2 million is probably closer to the truth. And if that is correct, then there are 3 1/2-4 million looking to lose their benefits by the end of the month, if this momentum isn’t slowed. I must agree with many of our readers and say: How sad, they abandoned their own.

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  1. PhilMoss says:

    Crazy thing is, us “workers” for YEARS, have paid into this so called UI Fund, so, here, and NOW, I want all of my money BACK, don’t tell me it ain’t there, if it isn’t, somebody needs to go to jail, for dereliction of duty, or something, sheeesh!

    I was on TierI, and still had several weeks to go until TierII, and it just STOPPED . . . W.T.F??

    If I just stop paying MY bills, I lose everything!

    EVERYTHING! I worked all my short life, (48yrs), for THIS CRAP? Always worked, always paid my bills, and now, now I got hardly NOTHING, my house is EMPTY, sold my living room furniture, most of my tools, and extrra car, lost my 2nd house and my 2006 Chevy Pickup, what else do we hafta lose . . .

    OUR LIVES ? ? ? That’s what the World Elite wants, for all of us to F–k Off and DIE, yup, they dream about that . . .

    IT AIN’T Right, and YOU KNOW IT! Congress showed up today after 2pm, and listened to abuncha silly speeches, then they’re gonna vote on that stupid judge lady crap, she ain’t right for our Courts, and YOU KNOW THAT, too. OK, then, they’re gonna quit at 5:30, holy JESEUS,3 1/2 hour workday, holy moly, poor fat folls, can only work 3 1/2 hours? They need to get fired for being lazy druggies, or something . . .

  2. Help Us Please says:

    Phill Moss are you willing to take to the streets with anyone that you may know in the same situation on July 18th and call your local media and tell them what were doing ???

  3. MIKE says:

    I would like to thank the senate as I was served an eviction notice today and must leave my home by Friday. I have already had my vehicle repossessed last month, and have not eaten a real meal in over 6 weeks. The only reason im able to write this email is because im tapping into someones network to get internet, you see I haven’t been able to pay the bill in 4 months for mine so it was shut off. Ive had to quit college and now have no hopes of going back.

    These rich old white men care nothing about us normal people because they are in fact not normal men they are not our peers. They sit in positions of power and wealth where they don’t even see what its like for real people.

    I really don’t know what to do I have nobody to help me out of this situation and now have no home, car, or a way to feed myself. I really hope they enjoyed their vacation and I hope they realize what they have done to the people who they are suppose to be working for!

    I feel totally hopeless and really don’t know if ill make it through this week.

  4. Sharon says:

    Gov. Joe Manchin (W VA)is interested in the late Senator Byrd’s Senate seat, and he has been advised NOT to choose an interim person because he wants to run for the Senate seat in November. SO…the Senate seat may go unfilled so Gov. Manchin can try to forward his political career at the expense of the unemployed in this country because the Democratic party will not have enough votes to pass it. What a pompous, selfish JA.

    And as for July 18th, am trying to figure out how to rally people in my area…

  5. Emily says:

    INSULT to INJURY…as if our jobs being sent overseas isn’t BAD enough for those of us unemployed who WANT OUR JOBS BACK!!!, apparently NBC seems to think our situation is laughable or just a BIG JOKE…as they have a new show lined up for the fall called “Outsourced” which in the trailer actually said something about how “hard it is for the foreign workers to adapt to American company’s policies.” REALLY???

    THEN BRING THE F—in JOBS BACK HOME TO US!!! I don’t need to adapt, I don’t have so long of an Indian name that I have to call myself Matt or Staci to a caller on the phone, I’m willing to do customer service in a call center, HERE IN THE U.S.A.!!!

    NBC, I will now boycott your network as I find your producers ignorant and more than distasteful…what a slap in the face of all the millions of unemployed Americans!

    Oh yeah, and thank you so much Senators for returning from your long vacations, hopefully you’re nicely rested, suntanned, and well-fed…wouldn’t want YOU to face any HARDSHIPS!!!

  6. Sharon says:

    Emily: If you’ve noted some of the other posts, we would like to figure out a way to make ourselves heard. I’m trying to figure out how to organize in my area for July 18th (a date suggested by another post), and we’d like to make it the same date nationwide. Can you possibly organize in your area, and contact the media? I’m not suggesting you can, because I’m not sure I can, but somehow we have to be heard, and we have to try and take back some control over our own lives. Our country needs to see us and hear us.

  7. Jimmy says:

    Thank you to our senate, I hope all of you had a great 4th of July with your family, me I just
    got my eviction notice today, Thank you I hope you can sleep at night.

  8. PhilMoss says:

    ABSOLUTELY! I do, every morning, and have become somewhat of an eyesore at the UN Employment Office, lol, I keep asking them for answers, and tell ‘em that if THEY don’t know anything, WHO DOES, and can I talk to your Boss, please . . . if we were as incompetent in our (previous) jobs, we would be FIRED, but if you work for the State or any City gov’t, you do NOT have to do your JOB to draw your big fat monthly Salary, heh, heh. You get paid, if the job gets done or not . . .

    I believe, though, that without a Permit, in my County, thanks to “Homeland Security” it is illegal to congregate, for whatever reasons.

    I have to check on how much they CHARGE for one of these Assembly Permits, prolly a HUNDRED Bucks or some such outrageous amount . . . my last yard sale permit was 3 dollars, hmmmmm!

    And Burn Permits are FREE! Imagine THAT!

    It should be TODAY, cause that’s what N’OBAMA said, TODAY, there would be a decision on this . . . once again, work for the Gov’t, you do not hafta DO YOUR JOB, and STILL GET PAID, and NOT GET FIRED! (W.T.F?) We should assemble NOW, and EVERY DAY, till this is FIXED!

  9. Realistic says:

    I feel bad for those of you who are struggling but the fact of the matter is this. Unemployment extensions have to stop sometime. No matter when they end, someone will always be in a bad financial position with a sad story.

  10. PhilMoss says:

    Y’know, just hadda brain fart:

    Can someone get ahold of any Original UI Documentation? We might have a lawsuit, in our favor, as we, as “The Employed” signed into a Deal with or so-called Gov’t, and apparently they have DEFAULTED!

    I know, as a single white male, I have lost HUGE CHUNKS of paychecks in the past, like 35-40%, because I was making 12-1500 per week, in Oil Exploration . . . I BEEN HORNSWAGGLED by the ppl that call themselves “Public Servants” and I DEMAND Satisfaction!

  11. PhilMoss says:

    Realistic, SHADDUP!

    If they would get rid of all the damned illegals immigrants stealing jobs, I would have work, PLENTY OF IT!!!!!!

    GREED, by the Big Companies, as over time, like when I had 15-20 experience in my field (Oil Exploration) I was Ranked as a Supervisor, with over 100 men (14-16 Survey Crews) under me, and was pullin’ over 50k a year, TAKEHOME . . .

    NOW, they find out they can hire 3 or 4 MEXICANS for the same amount-EQUALS-MORE PROFITS!!!!

    Also, my Mom used to be a Foreman (ForeLady?) at the local BlueJean Factory . . . WHICH IS NOW IN MEXICO! Wranglers, btw, but Levi’s are made in MEXICO now, too, so you, shaddup, you got a job?

    How long you had one . . . since, oh, 1975? Like me, I worked summers for extra money as a kid . . .

  12. M Petrock says:

    I hate this country.

    I would rather be dead than be in the situation that I’m in where I’ve been unemployed for over 2 years, my unemployment ran out, I was forced to move back into my parents house with my 2 cats AND I have to wait for out of touch, greedy Senators to vote my, and millions of other Americans fate while they screw around and not go on 1 but 2 vacations.

  13. PhilMoss says:

    OK, just made a few calls, in my hometown, the CITY does not require Aseembly Permits, but said to make sure there is Public Property in front of any businesses or establishment we intend to “picket” . . . so, do not picket Private Property.

    He also said to contact my Police Chief about it, as the Employment office is on the edge of town, with only State Hiway Frontage in front of it, and if we get on the UI Offices Property, they can have us removed as they can call it Private Property . . . how so, it is Public, State Property, eh?

    Anyway, the Police Chief is already out of office (imagine THAT)for the day, so, I’ll hafta take it up, tomorrow . . .

    IT IS OK, though, as I plan on being a headache, anyway, at the UI Office in the morning, and EVERY Morning, to them NON Working fat fools that work for US, dammit . . . but they won’t admit it, ll, now will they?

  14. Mike says:

    A Republican Senator ask what would you ask your senator to do regarding legislature on facebook. put this name in the search box John Cornyn and comment.

  15. PhilMoss says:

    M Petrock, I know how you feel, Brother, the thought has crossed my mind, too, but the spark in our minds, that is the Spirit, will not allow it, unless you succumb to Satan, and weakness of the flesh, my friend.

    Hold out, my fellow American, we are God’s Children, so, PRAY, and hold on to your FAITH, and BELIEVE that you, and I, and all of us are RIGHT, and RIGHTEOUS, and will prevail over the big fat evil self serving politicians . . .

    If nothing else, after we starve to death and live in Heavenly Paradise, at least JESUS will show up, here on earth, and DECIMATE the armies of SATAN!

    Hold on to your faith, brother Petrock, I’ll loan you a bit of mine, if you need it.

    Go back, and read your Bible, for strength, when ever you feel that you need it.

    Don’t have a Bible? I’ll give you one of mine. No, that won’t work, we’ll hafta have PAYPAL, and online accounts, and UPS Accounts, nevermind . . .

    My niece, and new nephew-in-law, say to go to any Church of Christ, in your area, tell them you are afraid for the future, and have no Bible, and need guidance. If they are TRUE Christians, you will get all the help you need, for guidance on this matter . . . as it has all been ordained, and it is all outlined, too, in the Bible.

    Check back with you all, tomorrow afternoon . . .

    God Bless, and KEEP your FAITH, my fellow Americans!

  16. PhilMoss says:

    Damn, just checked my news source, see the Riots in Ireland? Just like the G20 Summit, black clad insurgents spoiled a perfectly peaceful protest.

    So, watchout, in our assemblies, for BLACK CLAD insurgents, to incite violence . . . one of my contacts says that they are paid gov’t ppl, placed there to incite violence, so no matter what our protest is about, it instantly is labeled “criminal” because of their violent actions.

    So, beware, and at least have all participants register, and show ID, just in case, as we a only unemployed, not violent militants, now, can I get a Hell YEAH?

  17. Justine says:


    Organizing is easier than you think! I promise! If you are concerned about permits, call up your local police department and ask them what is required. Or for smaller demonstrations, as long as you are on a public space, you shouldn’t have to worry about things like that. Also, a protest is NOT an illegal gathering! It is our Constitutional right so don’t let old Bush policies keep you afraid! I would suggest looking into local labor organizations for help with this. It can and should be done! We need a solution to the unemployment program and I for one firmly believe it will have to come in the form of green jobs! Social networking sights are awesome for creating nationwide actions. I think protesting and making your voices heard is a great idea and it should be done. It is our government and it is time we take it back from corporate greed!

  18. Sharon says:

    OMG PEOPLE, PLEASE READ THIS POST: While searching for jobs many hours daily, pounding the pavement going door-to-door handing out resumes, applying on-line, per email etc., I have also been writing and faxing and emailing to representatives, and the President of the United States.

    I put off going to the mailbox as long as I can every day, because there’s nothing but bills and bad news there. Today I went and saw a beige-colored envelope with the return address of THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON, D.C. My mom and dad got a letter from President Bush on their 80th birthdays, with a signed picture of himself, but I’m going, I’m not 80, and it’s not my birthday. I opened the bills first, and have to admit to a little bit of trepidation in opening a letter from the WHITE HOUSE. It is on embossed White House stationery, and (most likely photocopied) signature of President Obama. Indeed, it is a form letter, and it outlines what he has done on our behalf, and web sites to go to. But you know what, I can’t even get a response from my hundreds and hundreds of applications and resumes from a prospective employer, but I get a letter from the WHITE HOUSE?

    I have urged repeatedly on these sites to (respectfully) write our representatives (local and generally), to our President, and Vice President, and Press Secretary Gibbs, etc., outlining our personal stories, and why for all of us there is a need for unemployment extension. I have also urged that we make suggestions for job recovery. We have untapped minds out here.

    And while we’re at it, stimulus money should be spent on STIMULUS, the CREATION OF JOBS that are much needed in our communities and cities: infrastructure, public transportation. Nationally for the new healthcare program (if it stands as is)etc.

    Phil Moss: I want to thank you for your input as to what you have found out about gathering. I will be seeing what I can find out locally. I know when we had the Olympics, we gathered (without, as far as I know) permits or licensure, along the main thoroughfare, without obstructing traffic, to watch the Olympic torch pass through. We certainly don’t want to be arrested for “civil disobedience” and have to try and bond ourselves out of jail for crying out loud, when none of us has any money.

    If we cannot lawfully gather, we need to be heard by faxing, emailing, letter writing to Senators, to our President, to our Vice President, and to anyone else who will listen.

  19. illegal says:

    Once we get our amesty,we will then get the vote and then we wil
    get the congress positions and make USA a state of Mexico and all
    of you will be illegals!

  20. Sharon says:

    Justine: Thank you so much for your post and for the information. I will be looking into this tomorrow and seeing what I can come up with. I don’t know that we can require IDs and registration, and verification of unemployment for protestors, as PhilMoss suggests… What’s your take?

  21. Realistic says:

    @PhilMoss….If you can be replaced by illegals then you probably weren’t a very valuable employee.

  22. DKay says:

    Here’s the latest on Bryd’s empty Senate seat. Is anyone up for an email blitz to Gov Manchin? I am so sick of policitian’s personal agenda over the needs of millions of Americans. Article below is direct quote from 247 news.


    Gov Manchin has not made clear his intentions for the senate seat. It’s thought by many political observers that Manchin will seek the seat himself. If he does so, the political pundits said it would be most unlikely that he would to appoint a “temporary successor” in the interim.

    This would mean the senate seat would remain vacant until after the November election, leaving the Democrat’s one vote shy of having the numbers to pass the Extenders bill, which includes the unemployment insurance extension.

  23. Sharon says:

    DKay: Actually, just finished emailing Governor Manchin and respectfully requested that he consider the American people in his decision-making process. I suggest you do the same.

  24. Sharon says:

    By the way, just Google Governor Manchin, and there is a “Contact the Governor” section.

  25. Emily says:

    @Realistic…SHUT THE HELL UP! You’re only on this site because you’re mean and want to start a fight…I hope you lose your job soon!

    And FYI, PhilMoss wasn’t replaced because he wasn’t valuable, he was replaced by greedy employers who wanted to evade taxes, pay under the table less than minimum wage you moron!

  26. Branch says:

    Just wanted to share my story. Got done with an active duty stint with the United States Marine Corps and came back to my old job at a fortune 250 insurance company. Apparently I should have just stayed in the service because right when I get back the company decides to put me on the chopping block for their recent layoffs. I was able to come back for a few short months before being laid off. They had to give me the job back due to the federal law USERRA but apparently didn’t have to let me stay at the company. I only drew tier 1 in my state and have now been cut completely off. Way to go federal govt and corporate america for screwing a service member and honest working adult.

  27. Rachel says:

    This realistic guy does need to shut up because i have been unemployed for over a year. I have tried every where for a job with no luck. It seems like no company wants to pay someone who can do the work right or not be trained they would rather pay someone so minimum wage and claim they will train them and waste more time. Realistic if your not unemployed you need to shut the hell up and go back to your job

  28. Usa gal says:

    Yes as you all expect the realistic person Im waiting for the congress to make up its up with the money we paid when we were working, my husband work for over 32 years and I worked over 24 but now we are both unemployed and havent got paid in a month, and we are putting in applications and resumes and nothing so to the people that thinks it so easy to get a job I wish you would have to try I even tried at fast food places but I guess Im not illeagal enough for them, I get people every day saying keep the faith but its hard when the congress is on tv with thier fancy suits and doesnt care attitude Im am too calling the Ui everyday and bugging them, it would be better if we open a new claim, they are still doing that,but Im holding out and watching the news and websites, and I never recieved a letter stating any of this did any of you? so my fellow americans lets ust keep the faith and believe that it wiill work out lets be postive,it doesnt help to be negative and i know its hard we cant go on vacations or anything fun, like they can,

  29. Adam says:

    My phone is going to be getting shut off, my storage unit with ALL OF MY STUFF is at risk of being sold against my will…my bank account is negative because of automatic withdraws that i cant stop and the bank tells me there’s nothing they can do to reverse the overdraft charges which are 37.50 a week and for every charge that comes threw and that im STILL going to receive a charge every week that the account is negative! But they said it with a nice voice so im supposed to be ok with all this? I cant negotiate for any more time, i cant sell anything anymore because no one wants to buy anything, i quit smoking, SOME ONE TELL ME WHAT IM SUPPOSED TO DO!

  30. PhilMoss says:

    PhilMoss, reporting:

    OK, been a few days because I FOUND A JOB!!!!!!

    I know, pretty hard to believe, eh?
    It’s a newspaper delivery job, and thats’ a job I did 35 years ago, lol, when I was 13, heh, heh.
    Strange, the repetitive cycle thing here, lol.
    Back then, I made 20-25 dollars a week, lol, but then, that was “spending money . . . lol. This Route, it looks like it’ll pay a whole 175-200 a week. (Damn, can U b’lieve that?) I’m not even sure that’ll even cover the Fuel, and wear and tear on my old pickup, much less pay my bills . . .

    But, on the other hand, Tuesday, I got a letter from CONGRESS, from my State Rep. Dan Boren, telling me he was doing everything he could to help us that were just dropped from the UI rolls without explanation . . . and he “promised” results, and soon, as he understood the situation we were in. Hmmm, sounds good, eh?

    OK, Yesterday, there is a envelope in my box when I got in from my paper route, from the OKLAHOMA Employment COMMISSION! It said the the president has signed INTO LAW and Emergency Extension of UI Benefits . . . let that soak in a minute.

    Now, when my benefits just stopped, June, second week, I got NO answers from the Local Office ppl, they said, “call thees 800 number, pleez sir” , OK, call the number, automated recording tells you to “file online” . . . OK, lol, this is getting silly . . . ONLINE, it says to “contact local office for assistance” . . . is it just me, or is this “THE RUNAROUND” ??? But, after these two promising letters, I STILL am getting the SAM E ANSWERS from my UI contacts. Well, NO ANSWERS.
    It’s the end of my 6th week, with no UI Benefits, and NO EXPLANATION at all.

    The system has failed, bottom line.

    On the upside, the Newspaper Business seems to be one of the few “recession proof” businesses, and so my new Circulation Mngr. tells me, in this recession, sales a UP. A worried people, buy MORE papers, hmmmmm. First time in my life I ever worked in a “recession proof” business. Been laid off, more times than I can count, and UI Benefits have been a blessing to me and hundreds of my fellow workers, over the years . . . BUT:



    Lol, God Bless, and best wishes, and use the Force.

    The Power of Prayer, it’s our only real Hope.
    Have faith, in man, you will Fail. Only Faith in God will allow us to prevail.

  31. Erin says:

    UGH UGH UGH!!! I haven’t received in 5 weeks now and i was approved for the school program. I have 3 kids that I no longer can provide for. My eviction is coming Monday! This is ridiculous!!!

    @Phil Moss.. you are so correct. We pay into UI and where is that money? It shouldn’t take this long to approve this. I bet legislation is still making their bills on time!!!

  32. PhilMoss says:

    No, they live in US Government Housing, er, MANSIONS, cost free . . .

    Anyhow, keep in touch with yer local office, I just checked in at mine, and there is gonna be a lady from the State Head office there Wednesday to get our info, to get us back pay, and back ON the payroll.

    APPARENTLY, us just dropped off the records somehow, they dunno!!!

    Keep the Faith, my fellow Citizens, DO NOT lose hope!

  33. Usa gal says:

    thats waht Im doing philmoss thats all we can do right and Im tired of the same recording on the ui line too and the same respnse from them but im praying and keeping the faith

  34. Elaine Davis says:

    I have been unemployed for nearly 2 years. I apply for a minimum of 6 jobs a week, comb all the job sites and boards, and am working with 5 headhunters. I haven’t seen any unemployment assistance since March 2010. Last year I had to sell my home, went through my savings and am now living out of suitcases and plastic bins in my brother’s converted garage.
    Sadly, my story is common. Many of us thought we’d be out of this mess by now, but it’s only getting worse. I don’t know a single person who would rather be on unemployment than work.
    I really think we need to start organizing protests in our individual cities.
    Is anyone out there willing to work with me to mobilize?

  35. Usa gal says:

    yeah Iagree with you Elaine My husband and I would rather be working then depending on the unemployment checks our state doesnt know how hard they made it for all of us when they took it away, they protest when they wanted to lower the wage until the budget is passed and they won, but they still get a paycheck and they were compaining over a cut I would like something to come in, My husband has ovr 30 yeas work exp and he is having a hard time getting a job, I would potest and yes philmoss Im believing and keeping the faith,, that they will send something out this week for us and hopefully its the months worth, I had to put everything off to pay and it does make you depress but Im trying to stay upbeat,,and keeping the faith

  36. Chris says:

    I’m not as of yet as bad off as some.
    savings is pretty much gone.
    my initial 1st round ended a few weeks ago with no extension. Remembering the day Obama said aviation would have 2 years unemployment but have only seen 6 months. We all now jobs are hard to find and employers are using the economy to lower there bottom line starting at $8-10 for jobs that where starting at $16-18 and then having a room full of applications waiting.
    I don’t see an end at the rate people are getting laid off and fired they say economy is on the upside but here in st Louis area where still sliding down.

  37. Erin says:

    Well today is supposed to be the day that the new guy is elected and first priority is unemployment. We shall see. I can’t find a job, school starts in a month.. we received eviction notice, gas and electric shut off notice, insurance lapse notice.. WHATS NEXT????

  38. Diana says:

    I quit my last job because my employer refused to pay me over $5k in wages. I found out she never even paid into Unemployment at all, so I had to take her to court to get that. I have been in school while working full time for 3 years. Im a renter and my landlord filed bk7 and lost the house to foreclosure all the while taking my money every month. I went down to welfare, they will give me $50 per month to feel a 13 year old and nothing for me at all. No cash assistance is available. Im waiting for the Sheriff to show up anyday now with an eviction notice. Winter in NH, living in a used car I paid cash for with a child is going to be a nightmare. I dont know what to do, but cry. Suicide looks good, my daughter will be taken into foster care with food and shelter. I have always worked hard my whole life and there are just no options. I apply to jobs all day everyday and dont even get a response at all.

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