Unemployment Extension: 70% Want Jobs Over Deficit Worries

By Phillip Williams on July 14, 2010, 9:04 am Posted in Finance News

The national unemployment rate of 9.5% has many Americans worried that just maybe they will be the next one to get in line at the employment offices. A recent Gallup poll shows that Americans are becoming dismayed at our legislators eagerness to add to the national deficit, a legitimate concern, but more people are starting to say that while deficit spending is at an all time high, they would rather have the extensions in place.

Almost $34 Billion Added To The Deficit

The bill that went through the House just before the Senate took their July 4th holiday passed with opposition from both sides of the fence, Republican and Democrat, but was passed with a decent majority, not the 2/3rds they attempted to get, but pass it did. The problem has been with the Republican Senators and one lone Democrat that cites that the deficit spending at runaway levels, but once Governor Manchin of W.Va appoints an interim Senator to the late Senator Byrds seat it is believed that the bill will have the votes to pass.


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The poll shows that Americans are closely divided about the unemployment extension, but most believe the way this administration is handling the jobless situation is poor. Most do not believe the stimulus programs in place are doing any good, and more than half say that deficit spending is “out of control.” President of Selzer & Co., Ann Selzer, that conducted the study said “The number they’re seeing change is the deficit. It’s rising at what seems like an astronomical rate. The number that seems intractable is the unemployment rate.” With the November mid-term elections coming up quickly the mood of the American public is definitely anti-incumbent, which will make it hard for anyone to get re-elected…Democrat or Republican.

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  1. smg71 says:

    Close the two offshoring loopholes and you have a better chance of any of this stimulus money actually going to stimulate our economy.

    As they stand right now, the loopholes allow companies such as IBM, GE, HP, Apple, Caterpiller and many, many more to fully produce gooods overseas and receive them back into an American Based company tax and tariff free. These loopholes have bled 8+ million jobs overseas and every time you give a tax incentive to a major corporation right now it’s just going to support a foreign government where the production of these companies goods is actually happening.

    This was not the intent of the incentive turned loophole, it was intended for American Based companies dependent on receiving foreign goods for production within the US to be able to receive them tax and tariff free because the employer was paying corporate taxes, employee taxes, the employees were paying taxes and the goods were taxed.

    Obviously the use of these loopholes by major corporations to fully produce the goods overseas and receive them tax and tariff free into their American Based company completely twists the original intent of the incentive.

    The Fed reported on these loopholes early in the Bush administration and told the President then that it was directly attributable to 1.2 million jobs being shipped overseas. That number has now grown to 8+ million jobs lost and 14+bil a year in lost revenues in taxes and tariffs. They also reported these loopholes were the reason that the tax incentives that have historically worked to stimulate the economy are not working.

    Has anyone closed them? No because companies are making record profits on the goods they are selling without realizing the softening of the consumer market can be pointed right at their own huberis, greed and total disregard of the fact that the people they put on the unemployment lines are the same people that buy their goods.

    This is the basis of our jobless recovery, where the market starts to rebound but there aren’t jobs to reflect this upswing.


    If congress wasn’t more sponsored than NASCAR these two loopholes would have been closed long ago. Can we require our senators to wear stickers like the NASCAR cars? That way we’ll know why they voted the way they did.

  2. Marie says:

    Oh My Gosh smg, I read your post from the previous article. Thank you so very much. It is just comforting that we can all confide in each other and knowing (and seeing) that there are truly, truly nice people out there that are hurting just like the next person but can still try to lift up someone else, while there spirit is just as down.. I prayed and prayed in Church Sunday for all of us that are struggling, thanks again that was very nice of you :-)

  3. Brent says:

    Watch what happens next week. The extension will more than likely pass given Senator Byrd’s seat will be filled giving the 60 votes needed. Our illustrious President who has been virtually silent on this issue will step in and take the credit because he “pressured the Senate” to get it done. Welcome to business as usual in Washington!!

  4. bob says:

    Its very sad how we talk about our country. I for one am not proud to be an american. In fact i tell people all the time im not one. but rather a free spirt walking the earth as free as any other soul. If i was as lucky as the guy working at taco bell, i would spit in the eye of the ass wipe that might call that lower skilled. Id like to think of myself as a hard working free spirt that is sick and tired of watching my neighbors suffer. Along with myself. All i have to say to a goverment that seams to be about new laws to take my money is this….stop spending it over there and start using it to help the people already here.

  5. Slee says:

    I like Obama, but I think Brent is correct. He should have stepped in at least 4 weeks ago.

  6. Slee says:

    meaning he should have stepped in to HELP the people 4 weeks ago

  7. NeedJobs says:

    America needs to wake-up! Those who currently have jobs may soon be joining the unemployed. No one will ever understand today’s unemployment situation until it happens to them. America is losing jobs at an alarming rate due to outsourcing mainly because of the U.S. Free Trade. Some say the trade will create new jobs but..when? Where are the jobs? NAFTA’s failure has cost the United States jobs across the nation. America’s WTO Agreement must be Amended or Eliminated! The Free Trade is about Corporate America & Foreign Greed and our Government’s failure to look out for America’s interest.

    Note: This started happening way before Obama’s Administration. I just want Obama’s Administration to put a handle on this. America has no future without jobs.

    Imagine America as being a Pizza. China took a slice, India took a slice, Mexico took a slice, N. Korea is soon to take a slice, etc. Now…how many pieces of that pizza are left for the American people? Huh? You said one slice? And how many unemployed workers do we have in America? And our Gov’t did what? They allowed the Unemployment Insurance to cut-off?

    A recent article wrote, “Once thought to be a safe-haven for American manufacturers, the U.S. pharmaceutical industry is no longer immune to the outsourcing phenomenon, which poses major risks for American consumers.” Today, another article said that in the coming days and weeks, many U.S. Census workers will experience the pain of unemployment — once again.

  8. bart says:


  9. bart says:

    I have no money and no food please aprove the extension or I will be homeless next month.

  10. Chris says:

    I am 29 ,I am an IBEW member. I have worked since I was 17. I know people have worked many more years than me. I have paided in over 30,000 to the feds in the past three year of me working. We have all paid in the unemployment , You cant get it if you dont pay in. There are no jobs!! There are hundreds of workers applying for just one job, If you dont beleive me just google it and you will see the Many stories, Not this 6 applying for every job crap these people in congress are saying..Pass the extention I have one month worth left of my savings, and after that could I come live with you???Think about what you are doing, You are hurting so many people, Remember the people you vote against may vote against you…PASS THE DAMN BILL YOU FOOLS!!!!

  11. sarah says:

    I love America, but hate those running it.

  12. mark says:

    4 weeks ago Mr Obama was showing his support for the illegal immigrants.

  13. smg says:

    You are welcome Marie. Good luck to everyone looking for work. Your success is the only thing that will end the spiral this economy is in right now thanks to poor governance by our congress.

    I hope they vote this in soon so that you can get gas for your cars to be able to look for work, food on your tables so you can remain healthy during your search, money to pay the bills that weigh on the mind and take up so much of you time trying to figure out how to pay them.

    I know you all want to work. Hopefully congress will realize that having the amount of jobs overseas that you have in unemployed is a problem, and needs to be addressed.

    In the meantime, get on the phone to friends and see if anyone where they work is hiring, if they’ve heard of a job. These calls are awkward, but, necessary. Most jobs come through some sort of networking with friends and family. Also, if you wrote your own resume, go to your unemployment office and ask for them to review your resume. They have a lot of information you may find useful.

    For Example:

    Don’t include the years you went to college unless you want to age yourself. Once you’re in the interview you have a better chance of convicing them you have a young state of mind.

    Join professional networking sites such as linked in, link with your friends and co-workers.

    I hope this helps.

  14. Sharon says:

    I was told that Obama has no say in this. He can’t override the senate. Other than the fact that congress can’t stand him, this is all about politics and the people are suffering because of it. I am not a politician by any means, but I do like Obama for whatever it’s worth. I think his hands are tied on certain issues and he’s only one person and can only do so much. Apparently he can’t fight congress. If he could, he would have already.
    We are all suffering and nobody cares, because they have no clue what it’s like, nor will they ever. I suggested that the “fat cats” take a cut in pay, then re vote!

  15. deborah S says:

    To Hector G
    You are satisfied cause your mooching!
    And you qualify for gov assit.
    Some of us 5th generation native american as well don’t!

  16. Nancy says:

    Obama can’t say anything because whenever he backs a bill the other party fights that much harder to keep it from passing. It’s almost as if they aren’t voting on whether or not the bill is good, but whether or not it will make Obama and the Democratic party look bad in the fall elections.

    I’ve been out of work for almost a year. I’ve been a Republican my whole life, but am voting Democrat from now on. Those heartless people who chose to cut off my source of food and shelter but supported the wealthy and corporations should to be voted out of office. How can they sleep when American children are going to bed hungry or are losing their homes?

    We need the jobs back in America. Take a trip to Mexico and right across the border you’ll see Chevy factories and others. When you call anyone’s customer service you reach India or some other country. (Isn’t it dangerous letting people from other countries have access to our personal banking information?)

    Please forgive my ranting. I’ve become very disillusioned with all of this.

  17. repubsrhaters says:

    The repubs are “NOT worried about the deficit, because if so, they wouldn’t continue to turn the monies in AMERICA out of the country and continue to give bonuses, etc. to Wall Street. The repubs are so angry and jealous of the current administration. mccain and MORONS haven’t gotten over the elections of 2008. mmcain is so desparate that he has to befriend palin in campaigning recently just to try and get him elected again after dissing palin after he LOST in 2008. His conceding was so obvious after ignoring palin and husband even without a hand shake..lol..that was a Kodak moment. So, stop playing the deficit card game and call it was it is…AMERICANS don’t give a rats a@@ and neither do you about the deficit..If this extension isn’t passed, there will NOT be a future and a deficit isn’t going to matter…

  18. Judy says:

    I am about to be homeless to. I have enough left out of my savings to pay the small bills, but no money for rent for August. I have applied with temp services, sent out so many resumes I have lost count, dropped them off at companies, so that now my tires are bald, and if you think living on unemployment can buy tires, BS. It barely covers anything, so cold hearted Americans you want to live in my shoes. Oh yea at $7.25 an hour you would bring home $232.00 a week, and that is just taxes, you still have no insurance, it will not cover the rent, utilities. I would gladly work 2 jobs if I could only even find one. Six months, one call one interview, am 55. I guess they could lower the retirement age and that might help. I have a hard time believing 15 millon american or more are lazy. I am sure they are sad they have lost their homes. NOT!! So sad to be an American right now.

  19. Judy says:

    I was going to buy a new car if I ever could find a job, wanted to buy a chevy, american, not they make it in Mexico.

  20. repubsrhaters says:

    mccain, mcconnell, sessions, boehner, etc and even nelson, who says that he is a democrat, but really a republican on the download. I speak for MOST AMERICANS and that you are ALL BAD MANURE that is useful in the soil that should be used for growth. You have never and will never be useful in the growth of AMERICA. repubs are CALLOUS AND VENDICTIVE INHUMAN SPECIES THAT SHOULD EVAPORATE FROM EARTH AND I DO BELEIVE THAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES WILL SUFFER AND PROBABLY HAVE ALREADY. YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE END OF THIS SITUATION WITH SUCCESS…

  21. Deborah Gilman says:

    I WILL NOT EVER EVER vote REPUBLICAN EVER!!! As an American I can see exactly what is happening to the people by the crooked REPUBLICAN PARTY. It is a shame the way the American People are being stepped on. If the Republicans DO NOT want to work to better the lives of the American People. Then GET OUT of OFFICE you are USELESS!!They are so focused on making Obama look bad. They are sitting on important issues like extending unemployment. The Republicans figure if they sit on everything Obama looks like he is doing nothing. Well guess again You will be without your job next election. You will see where the greed will get you. Democratic all the way!!!!!!!!

  22. Marcus says:

    Fix it now! Or we the people will fix you in the next election. Extend unemployment benefits now in July. Not in August . No more distractions , Lohan , lebraun James, Mel Gibson, russian spys media coverage what a joke. No more vacations for republican or democrat members until you do some actual work!

  23. Eric says:

    What is currently happening in congress is an extremely disappointing display of government. Democrats blame the Republicans for filibustering the bill and Republicans blame the Democrats for everything else associated with the bill. I’d like to know who is actually looking out for the best interest of the people/voters.

    I am also curious where the interest accrued as a result of not paying out UI claims over the last month is being spent. It will most likely be another pool of money that ends up falling through the cracks.

    If there is any silver lining at all from the outcome of this nonsense in congress, It has to be the fact that there is now a wake up call for the American people to take a closer look at the democratic process in this country. I can’t speak for everyone, but I will definitely be looking much closer at who I choose to cast my vote for this November.

  24. Jenny says:

    My husband went to a job fair today. There were thousands of people there when the doors opened. One job was for the county to pick up road kill. I laughed, but it is a job, and he is more than willing to do it, and he doesn’t even know the pay. Problem is…for that one job, the guy told him there will be around 500 applicants!!! He does not have a shot in HELL in getting it!!! We, like others, are waiting on the extension. I have emailed, emailed, and emailed some more to no avail. I have an overwhelming sense of doom ahead for my family. We just don’t know what to do next????

  25. Robert says:

    I am the American dream, out of the trailer parks to a prestigious college on a full merit scholarship, worked hard in a charity career and made great progress to help others, but was laid off. I’m going straight back to where I came from, to the couch of my MOTHER who is suddenly unemployed too after working since she was age 13.

    My best friend is second-generation American from rural Asia, put herself through the Ivy League AND law school, and guess what? She’s surviving on benefits too, and eats rice or grits as one meal a day.

    Senators, you’re killing the next generation of promising young Americans.

  26. flipside says:


  27. BigCat says:

    For the record, I am an unemployed American. Just looking at the BIG PICTURE here:

    - I believe unemployment benefits should be extended for a maximum of 52 weeks per person, no exceptions. One year, on the government’s nickel (26 weeks on the State, 26 weeks on the Fed), that’s it!

    - I also believe the money for continuing UC extensions should come from the existing stimulus package.

    At some point this Administration & Congress HAS to become fiscally responsible. UC extension legislation unfortunately is coming on the heels of an unprecidented government spending spree. It has to stop sometime! Some folks will be left out when belts get tightened. Every American has to tote their share of the load, before the load bankrupts us all !!!!

  28. Andi says:

    I’m glad to see Americans are concerned with unemployment /jobs and that the GOP’s Welfare Queen Part II propaganda isn’t working. I’m sure many employed Americans are seeing business slowdown at their company, long lines at job openings and don’t really feel all that secure in their jobs. And I’m sure many people know or are related to or living with someone that is unemployed and knows how hard it really is to find a job.

    I’m curious how they arrive at the calculation that there is1 job for every 5 unemployed. Here in AZ they have a lot more than 5 unemployed people applying for any given job, including min wage. Around 100 applied for just one job opening at Wal-Mart here. Does anyone here know how they arrive at those stats?

  29. Andi says:

    I agree flipside. They need to keep the extensions until there are a million jobs a month created for at least a six month period.

  30. Emily says:

    @Big Cat, may I say for the record that you are a dipshit!!! First of all, you are being brainwashed by the fiscal responsibility B.S. of the Republicans… Really? Stop extensions to tighten the belt? How about stopping the $5000/SECOND being spent on the war, or the bailouts to corps, banks, GM, etc…, or sending all our food and money aide OVERSEAS before helping our OWN AMERICANS who are starving, losing shelter and so on, WITH KIDS TOO…it’s criminal!!! Furthermore, the Unempl. extensions only take .25, yes 1/4 of 1% of the deficit if funded that way…why don’t you check the war spending and all the other useless projects funded through PORKBARREL Legislation in our country and see what % of those are added to the deficit, eh? They CAN afford to pay us more unemployment, but D.C. is too corrupt, sorry buddy, you are just clueless…so hop on the clue bus with the rest of us and fight for your unemployment…BEFORE American go further down the tubes and the country begins to look as it did during the Hoover Administration…not pretty: tent cities, bread lines, people freezing to death outside in the winter, children begging in the streets…is that REALLY what you want? Is that what you mean by saying, “some folks will be left out when the belt gets tightened?” You are cruel, callous, and morally bankrupt apparently, just like Ben Nelson and the Republicans! Yes, let’s leave out all the children and families and watch them die in the streets…maybe you will be the lucky one to get hired in the public works project that will be created to bury everyone in mass or unmarked graves…sending good kharma your way BIG CAT!!! ;(

  31. Toni says:

    I voted for the man, but, why is he NOT out there standing up for the unemployed? Hell, we do need a tier 5 extension! There is nothing out there! Not even a job at McDonald’s where I live! And trust me, I took a seasonal job for half of what I was making as an Engineer, but, hell, IT’S A JOB!!! He have to ask Bill Clinton to go out and make the case for their sorry asses? Hell, I wish Bill Clinton would run again for President! I would be one happy person! For those Republicans, I hope all of us go and vote this November to get these people who are NOT serving us out! Now, I ask you, why would I want to vote for someone or an incumbent who did not give a damn if I had a place to live or food to eat??? That is like a bully beating you up and asking you to be his damn friend! I hope we have more sense that that!

  32. Marcus says:

    I’ve been working partime for almost a year now. I collect unemployment but it’s about 100.00 every 2 weeks. And ends in august. I used to build websites for real estate agents and before then I worked for AT&T who out sourced our jobs to India during the bush administration. My unemployment is almost finished that’s 26 weeks. And I am constantly looking for work. On the unemployment caljobs website most jobs require a bachelors degree for a customer service job and telemarketing jobs, which pay only 10.00 an hour and have a hour commute each way. I’m almost 30 yrs old this month still living my rents. In fact most of my friends and people I see are now living at home with parents. How can anyone support themselves on such crappy wages and unstable jobs that throw you on your ass after a short while. I feel like I’m working and going nowhere meanwhile my car is turning into shit, and when my unemployment runs out in august my credit card will probably go over the limit again. So basically everything I’ve done all year means absolutely nothing. I guess its about time to start over yet again. My current employer has hired so many people that my tip wages are just about gone because ihave to split it with all the other workers that have been hired to reduce my wages to jack shit.

  33. Col Klink says:

    **more than half say that deficit spending is “out of control**

    Ok, lets do some math. Approx 183 billion to bail out AIG versas approx 31 billion for unemployment extensions, but now the feds are worried about the deficit?

    Anyone see the contrast in this equation? Not to mention where the political loyalty truly is?

  34. Col Klink says:

    just sign z papers old men!!

  35. repubsrhaters says:

    Big Cat is a dipsh#@….You are a MORON governed by the repubs and they are the minority…IDIOT…Hey repubs news flash, you are a minority and NOT the majority and never will again. Just get over yourselves and will lose again. A former bush economist predicted Texes (red state) will become a blue state in the years to come and other red states will follow suit and it is time to get the enemies OUT and it will start with November. Watch, the repubs may think that they have a plan for Nov, but, IT’S GONNA BACKFIRE!!!!!! That is not my predition, but, your former boss’s economist…

  36. Evangelina Army says:

    They should get rid of the gay telecaster. When I hear him say “Dori Dori” I feel like slapping someone.

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