Election Results: Dream Act, Unemployment And Tier V, Social Security

By Victor Hatley on November 3, 2010, 5:52 pm Posted in Finance News

Most of the election results are in, and aside from the disputes that are to be expected in the closest races, the Democratic majority in the Senate was maintained. The House on the other hand lost at least 60 seats at the time of this writing. There are a few races that will not be announced until Thursday morning because of the counting still going on. Even though the democrats did retain the majority, they did lose a few seats…making the bare minimum for a filibuster that the Republicans held a little stronger than before. Harry will have to work harder to get a few more line crossers in the future, but to be sure, the President will help him in this aspect, but that’s another story.

Lame Duck Session Schedule

If all the proposed legislation scheduled for the lame duck session is to be address the Senators will be hard pressed, and have to work late into the night to get to even the majority of the legislation that has been proposed. To be sure, there will be several key issues that will probably be discussed: immigration reform, unemployment, a fifth tier to the said unemployment, (if they extend the first 4 tiers,) jobs, social security (the Presidents “Economic Recovery Payment”) the Bush era tax cuts, and this is just to mention a few of the measures they have promised to address, but not all of the issues need attention immediately, that is to say, that Americans will suffer if work on certain issues aren’t addressed before the expiration of these points. This includes the tax cuts as well as the unemployment, and fifth tier.


Schedule Could Go Past Thanksgiving

According to the law, a lame duck session need not be held at all, but if it is, there are several states that require their Senators are sworn in at the very next meeting of the body. This means a little filibuster power will be gained when they reconvene for the session. Increasing the chances that the Republicans could cause delays in proposals at their discretion…unless the Senate Majority leader can convince a few extra Republican votes in favor of his and other Democratic proposals, the lame duck could be adjourned for the Thanksgiving Holiday and be reconvened afterwards…to continue the work our system of democracy hired them for.

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  1. Sharon says:

    If the past is any indication of the future, “working late into the night” to address legislation will not take place. After all, they work so hard for their money (regardless of party affiliation) that they really look forward to their much-needed vacation, and cannot be bothered to take care of the business of the people, despite their exorbitant salaries. Perhaps “the shift” will make an improvement in that, only the future will tell.

    And Victor Hatley, please proofread your copy before sending it, because there are a number of grammar/English errors, and you do have a job (unlike those of us who are unemployed), and it really rankles when these kinds of errors appear.

  2. AzEd says:

    I just hope things get done. With Republicans making sure to oppose the President they oppose everything Democrats bring to the plate. They barely do anything.

  3. Sharon says:

    AzEd – Yep, so much for bipartisanship. And to be fair, though the Republicans were the party of “NO” when the Dems held the majority, I expect that it is not likely to change when it’s the other way around…unfortunately.

  4. Sharon says:

    I realize that this may not be the message board to address this, but it is part of the unemployment issue.

    In my area, just 10-11 miles from me, an entire mall closed today. We’re not talking rinky-dink stores nobody has heard of. We are talking a mall which houses some large department stores: Macy’s, Sears, JC Penney to name a few. Last night, they were moving merchandise out the door. This morning when employees showed up for work, the doors were closed! Utilities were several months in arears, taxes were 3 years in arears. The stores had no idea, the employees had no idea. An entire shopping mall closed!

    If you think you are insulated from this as individuals, if you think your jobs are secure, if you are feeling mightier than thou, and better than the unemployed, believe me, you could be the next in line. Companies close their doors overnight and when you show up for work in the morning you cannot get in, you cannot collect your paycheck, no one answers your phone calls. If you think you are immune, you are burying your head in the sand. If you think you have no reason to fear, you had best think again. If you think it couldn’t be you, like I thought, you had better think again.

    What is happening in this country is unprecedented since the Great Depression. Will “the shift” correct these problems? The party in the majority now has a history of looking out for their own, the wealthy, the privileged. Let’s see if they continue the agenda they have shown in the past. And do understand, if you are employed now, you could be unemployed tomorrow with no warning, and you will be trying to find work along with hundreds of others in your area, and you will be wondering how to pay the mortgage/rent, how to feed yourself and your family, how to pay the utilities, how to put gas in the car so you can job hunt and attend interviews. If you think you are immune, you are delusional.

  5. Bill says:

    Join us to fight this political mayhem at usmoa.org

  6. bobby says:

    how can America be so stupid the illegals stole your jobs its not just the jobs that americans wont do its the millions of jobs that people who came here with student visas graduated from collage and took good jobs including the jobs that our kids once did like fast food all the jobs that black men did in construction that were once well paying like roofing jobs for one and landscaping for another poor black kids once needed the fast food jobs just so they could eat now all the fast food companies want is illegals our poor kids in this country are going hungry where is the outrage

  7. abimael says:

    I think that people in this country need to educate themselves…

    Republicans are just riding the wave they created by striking fear into the people. democrats always bring something to the table, bad or good… popular or unpopular but at least they show that they are trying to do something to fix our country’s current problems. yes we need more jobs, but at then end of the day the citizen that needs the job should put some effort, go back to skool learn something new. the goverment can only do so much. people are scared of the goverment taking control of everything, the goverment doesnt need to take control. every time something bad happens people turn to the goverment to fix it and the goverment has to deal with people’s mistakes like the BP oil spill.

    we need immigration reform… badly.
    immigration will never cease to exist but we must fix the way it is right now.

    get smart…

  8. Jim B says:

    America just voted against illegal immigration, forced health care and the Dream Act. Will the Democrats be smart enough to see that we are sending a message that we needs jobs for our citizens!!! We could end unemployment tomorrow if we would just enforce our current immigration laws.

    The only REFORM that our immigration system needs is leaders with the guts to enforce our laws and put Americans back to work!!!!

  9. Lily says:

    I still don’t understand, first they ask for illegals to better themselves then they take away their jobs and some how still better themselves. How can they do that if they are not allowed to work for money for money to put themselves through school. And to those people who say ” they take citizens jobs away ” how is that so if now they are being asked to show documentation and permission to work wherever they apply for a job. You people are just lazy and when you have problems all you do is point fingers and blame the brown one. How bout taking your own word back down your throats and better yourselves first.

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