Unemployment Extension Bill: What It Does And Doesn’t Have In It

By Ashley Jones on July 23, 2010, 7:25 am Posted in Business News

The House of Representatives voted 272-152 today for extending the unemployment benefits that ended for 2.3 million Americans since the beginning of June. This comes after the Senate passed the bill yesterday by a vote of 59-39, with the appointment of Carte Goodwin, the late Sen. Byrd’s successor. The bill was send to President Obama, who is expected to sign it into law right away. This bill will extend benefits to many American until November, when the debate to extend federal benefits will start all over again.

What It Does And Doesn’t Have In It

This fourth extension to the federal unemployment benefits does not include the $25 stimulus bonus that was previously added to claimants weekly benefit amounts. It also does not include the fed income tax exemption on the first $2400 of the benefits, which will make more taxes due come April 15th for claimants. An additional fifth tier was also not included in this bill which would have extended benefits for claimants who exhausted their ninety-nine weeks of benefits.

The 2 million dollar health insurance subsidy was also eliminated from the bill. This subsidy was created last year to help former employees continue to carry health insurance through their previous employers. This will mean is another 2 million households will be without health insurance.


Retroactive Payments

This new bill does include retroactive payments to claimants who had already lost their benefits. Claimants must still be eligible for one of the four tiers of the Federal Extension. Depending on the state, some claimants could wait up to a month before receiving retroactive payments. Final step will be President Obama signing the bill.

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  1. baf says:

    Where is the help for 99ers. I am being evicted the end of the month

  2. Melissa says:

    I understand your pain, as I was unable to pay my rent this month when my benefits were cut off. I called United Way and they gave me a list of numbers to agencies that will help you with your rent and get you out of eviction. You have to call them first thing in the morning to get an appt to see a social worker the following day. As soon as you talk to them, they call the person you owe rent and tell them you are trying to get help. That will suspend the eviction process. You also need to let your landlord know that you are working with them…possibly give them a card with the social workers phone number on there.
    Best Wishes!

  3. gettingtired says:


  4. Marie says:

    I also fall under this category. (99ers) Had a job interview this week. My resume is out all over!!!! Still no job! It appears that there are more jobs in Massachusetts, but I believe a lot are being advertised & in reality there is no available position: i.e., I received an email from one of the positions that I applied for and was told that I had a great, interesting resume, however, a person already employed in the org. was interested in that position and had first dibs. It’s been over 2 years and I still cannot find a decent job!!! I’m in the same boat!!

  5. mike maloney says:

    The “99ers” seem to have been discarded by the Congress. It’s as if they just don’t exist in the eyes of those who make their $174,000.00 a year. Why should they care? They have all of life’s necessities and pleasures. As far as they’re concerned the “99ers” can simply perish! Come November it’s time to weed out these wealthy, pot-bellied, bald-headed old creeps and put in people who genuinely have sympathy for those who cannot find work because of the situation that these elected officials created in the first place!

  6. Leila Ballard says:

    I wish everyone, including Washington could see the importance of adding Tier 5. I believe there will be another huge dive in the economy if they don’t. All of us who have been scraping by on unemployment while looking for work will then have no income if they don’t. This new extension, personally, only give me tier 4, which is 6 weeks. I must say I am now in panic mode. I have been looking for a job the entire time, but when you live in a state with high unemployment, there are hundreds of applicants for each job.

  7. Anita says:

    I agree on fighting for Tier5. I also think we need to look at our political alliance. I hope the Republicans that are in the unemployment life boat look at their party and consider shanging sides. Remember people our vote means something. Let’s stop these Republicans from hurting any more of us. Let’s put them out of work so they can see how we feel and they can also wish they voted to help us as now they will be in it with us.

  8. exhausted says:

    So after 6 long weeks of no benefits, now we need to wait additional weeks for the state to issue them. The unemployment agencies knew that the bill could be passed and they should have been preparing for it. They’ve had weeks to prepare for this!!! My state’s website states, “It will take a couple of weeks to reprogram our computer system and restore benefits”. Well, the utility companies and mortgage company will not ‘wait’ a couple more weeks! My savings that to years to accumulate is now gone. People are being evicted now and need their benefits now. My family needs to eat today and tomorrow – not in ‘a couple of weeks’! Even though it passed, I am disgusted it took so long and now the states are in no hurry to get the money so desperately needed to us. I look daily and apply everywhere – yes, even minimum wage and part-time jobs and there is nothing within at least 30 miles of my home! If I drive farther than that, part-time minimum wage is not going to even cover gas. I completely agree that a Tier 5 is needed until the economy does a 360!

  9. crt3912 says:

    I don’t understand the fifth tier as I finished my second tier and was cut off said I have exhausted my extension and just like that I have no money for groceries. I have worked all my life and this is what they TELL me I get? I am so grateful he signed so I can now feed my family but how long will it take to get my check? Not fair and I have been looking for a year for a job and nothing. I do want to thank President Obama for signing and helping us unemployed people.

  10. Nc Confused says:

    When you call North Carolina you get a different answer from every person you speak to. I was just informed that I would have to wait for a letter telling me if I am eligible (even though the bill says I am) Banks received their money overnight, but the American people who have tried everything to just get any job, willing to take one third of my original income, we have to wait for an indefinite amount of time to feed our families. I understand that the unemployment office has a very difficult job right now, but at very least, they could stay informed and give us the same answers. One of them said “I don’t watch the news” but then the supervisors should inform them of what the American People are hearing. We don’t know if we have to wait for a day, a week or a month to be able to feed our family.

  11. michael says:

    It is funny that there are people blaming Republicans and lauding Obama over this. Don’t you people realize that as long as industry does not create jobs, you are stuck on unemployment? Who is going to hire when they are looking at out of control spending from the Democrats and crushing new costs from the finance and health care overhaul? Just thank your Democrat elected offical for voting your job to China! What businessman is going to take a risk on hiring when he cannot even be sure he will be in business this time next year!?

  12. Juanita Schultz says:

    I am also a “99er” stuck in a high unemployment county and work restrictions. No one will give me a job when there are healthy young people to fill the positions which are few and far between I also don’t have any kids to jump on the “welfare” train. After paying taxes for 35 years we are going to lose our house that we worked for all our lives like so many other people. We should start a “Class Action suit against the banks that caused this recession and take all of their money so they can be on unemployment also. We also need to cut house and congress pay down to unemployment rates and then forget about them after 99 weeks

  13. deacondriver says:

    mike you sound like one those staunch republicans who thinks that we in this mess because are own doing! have you forgot that its been republicians in office for 8 years proir to this administration who have started three wars and allowed major manufacturing acroos seas! you people always want to point the finger when democrats try to help the people. let us remember this government was made by the for the people! unfortunately the people are’nt represented well in this country. thats the hard working middle class who have been dealt a servere blow to their exsistence because of two greedy republican adminstrations that sought profits over peole! no one profit more from these wars than the Bushes!

  14. sarah says:

    i’m confused as to how this extension affects me and individuals in my situation….i will have exhausted my unemployment benefits by the end of next month. Am i and others like me eligible for an additional 6 months of UI??

  15. MakeItHappen says:

    For all you 99ers, if you don’t have a job after 99 weeks, perhaps you need to lower your expectations and go out and get a job at minimum wage so you can put food on the table! This economy will turn around when people get off their arse & make things happen, instead of wasting their time crying that the gov’t will not take care of them for more than 2 years! Try the American way … dream it, believe it, Do it!

  16. ewh says:

    Mike: a typical Republican response There was 8 years of Bush thats destroyed our economy( he never met a spending bill he didnt like…he squandered the budget surplus and now Repukes blame the Democrats for these deficits.Bush knew the banks were committing fraud and we paid for it and they gave themselves bonuses..The jobs disappeared with Bush’s blessings..and Our Democracy was destroyed..Republican thinking has been the same for 100 years and with the new generation of Repukes it obviously wont change anytime soon.

  17. Aaron Sr. says:

    No unemployment benefits. No job. Resumes out everywhere. No health insurance. I cannot leave Detroit. Selling my house means financial ruin – still have to pay the mortgage with no where to live. My government hung me out to dry. I think they should all take another vacation to celebrate.

  18. KingIII says:

    I am beginning Tier 4, and I would like to hope that there can be, will be, a Tier 5, and I will fight for it (I did call my own Senator, Bob Corker–very disappointing, but that is another story, and I contacted other Senators as well–it is rather easy to get a number in D.C. for any of them), but this will never happen if Republicans assert their power. Republicans refer to themselves as the GOP (truly, there is nothing grand about them), which is basically a fraternity of high elected officials who pat each other on the back, receive election funds from their friends (the bank and big business CEO’s) and have no clue about what life is like on a real, working-man level. They have an excuse for any Republican-caused problem that you can name. They will slam each other verbally when there are more than one of them in a race for a seat, and they slam the Democratic candidates even worse. There should be a reality show where a group of Republicans are forced to live on 275.00 per week over a period of two years, waiting for each tier to be approved, no access to their personal huge bank accounts, and see who falls on his/her face first.
    Remember, we are a Democracy first, then perhaps a Republic. Conservative means “to hold back, to restrain, to keep at the same level”, whereas Liberal refers to “offering freely, naturally, generously”. Republicans should never be allowed to define the American way of life. They do not know what it is.

  19. Daisy says:

    Stop sending our jobs overseas!!! Stop sending aid to foreign countries who care less what happens to us!! Stop bailing out the big wigs on Wall Street. Stop bailing out the corrupted officials in the lending business and start helping the those unemployed 99ers who gave their all to help you!! Our government is spending money like it was water but on all the wrong things. This should be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Ronald Reagan said it best when he stated: “The problem is not that the people are taxed too little; the problem is that the government spends too much.”

  20. Busted says:

    Dear MakeIt Happen: I am a 99er. I have sent out THOUSANDS of resumes, contacted numerous businesses by phone, and yes, even applied for minimum wage positions. Placed flyers all around my town for house cleaning and baby sitting positions. My savings are GONE! I have NO INSURANCE! Do you think for one minute that I would let everything I worked my whole life just go down the drain because I don’t want to work? Do you think I would refuse to lower my standard of living by taking a minimun wage job and let my family go hungry? I am NOT sitting on my arse doing nothing. You’re disgusting!

  21. MakeItHappen says:

    Dream it, Believe it, Do it!!!
    Good Luck!

  22. anne says:

    “MakeItHappen” is an ARSE himself, and he will get his, mark my words…what goes around comes around…

    “Good Luck!” to you too MakeItHappen when you lose whatever job you have right now and end up on UI, unless you have a trust fund of some sort, in which case someone ELSE in your family worked for a living and left you money to live on, and that would then give you no right to act condescending if you were simply born into it…

    Obviously you don’t watch the news or listen to Bernanke, do you? Companies are sitting on record profits and not hiring “yet,” so most of us who try very hard to get jobs, are SOL if competing with the undereducated for minimum wage jobs, or the college grad. youth for the corporate few available…hop on the clue bus MakeItHappen, because you are clearly “dreaming” it!

  23. rachal says:

    I am not a 99 im only a 20 weeker and i put in at least 4-6 applications daily and still no calls i send out resumes everywhere and i am willing to take a P/t F/t at this point a anything job if it were to be offered but thats the thing its not being offered im on the verge of looseing my car and my utilites on the verge of being cut of as well so there goes my 2 life lines of finding a job and getting to a job so now what will i do i dont know im all borrowed out and no saveings so when will the light at the end of the tunnel come? Why is it that ppl in NY can get there benefits next month and for the rest of us it may be 6 weeks WTF the states knew that the unemployment extension was MAYBE going to be passed so why werent they a little bit prepared i know if u owe them money they want it right then and there so thats what i want they owe me going on 4 weeks so i would like to have it right away as they would come on NC cant u give us a little bit better of an answer then wait for a letter in the mail and keep fileing?

  24. shelly says:

    im sorry to all those who cant find jobs and who are unemployment. you are not by no means lazy.. its very hard right now and it makes me sad when ignorant people badmouth people on unemployment, your trying your very hardest and you are better than the big mouth stupid rich people who talk trash… i love you all who are trying hard just dont give up, never give up even if it seems theres no help..ignore the trash talking people..:)

  25. Chris says:

    I wish i didn’t need help. Wish I didn’t need the unemployment benefits… but i do! desperately. I am also a so called 99er… I am done. No more help. I unfortunately have to look my kids in the eyes and explain why we have lost our car… our house, our cable(tv) and almost everything.
    A few months ago they repo’d my car for being 1 week late on my payment… I had 3 payments left until it was paid off! then they started foreclosure on the house and I ended up in the hospital after i almost dies from a burst appendix and bowels… spent a little over a month in their. came home to the fact i had maybe two months before i was OUT of the house by force. I have a week left… still healing and can;t lift a thing due to the surgery. They don’t care at all… it is fannie may that bought the house from Nationstar mortgage on us. They don’t even have any tenants or anything, they just WANT ME OUT. their lawyers are ridiculous.
    I can’t get on disability or get any real help financially, but my doctor says it will be months before I can really do anything again. I have been searching for work for ages now! not ONE hit. interview after interview and resume after resume….. online and off. it is so disheartening. My kids are wonderful about it, but it breaks my heart looking at then while they try to understand why we have to leave THEIR HOME… they are 10 and 7. My eyes almost never stop watering anymore… trying to hold back from crying full on!
    I HATE NEEDING HELP! I always did everything on my own steam. I feel SOOOO beaten down now and sick from the surgery that I want to give up completely… but I can’t.. Kids need to be taken care of. They look up to me so much it hurts now.
    I have never felt so helpless in all my life. our home is gone… our transportation is gone…. our LIVES are gone!
    I almost have NOTHING at all. Except this old broken down laptop, and a wonderful neighbor who allows me to use his wireless signal when it actually picks it up. I have to sell this thing soon and any other belongings because the lawyers say they will come in with the sheriff and take it all to storage and I will have to pay the fees (which are HUGE) in order to get it back…. and that only lasts so long until they throw it our or sell what they can. All of our belongings… the kids toys, furniture, memories… about to be stolen from us. I can barely take a shower by myself from the surgery, and they are throwing us out on the street.
    I heard this passed senate and congress and got so filled with HOPE…. then found out it didn’t cover ME or people in my situation. It almost was the “straw that broke the camels back”. I am crushed, yet again.
    I am literally homeless with two children that don’t understand this at all. I hate to say it, or ask for it… but PLEASE give us a tier 5 extension. I have never asked for help my whole life.. and here I am almost on my knees begging people in office who live so well through any economy, to throw me some crumbs. If I was alone, I wouldn’t have cared as much…. but my kids mean the world to me, and I can’t take failing them. I don’t know how long I can really hold on. I would like to say forever… I used to think I was very strong. Now I am not so sure. I have to be, but I don’t think it can last much longer. How do I get a job now with no car, no money (I have $74.36 to my name), no home, and also no way to do anything about it while recovering from a near death experience. My kids have been through tooo much and I will not have them go through anymore if I can help it! I am no longer too proud to beg… which breaks my heart a little along with everything else.
    I don;t even know who I am talking to at this point… My life has been forever changed from this whole experience. I didn’t even have time to get over almost dying, and watching my kids cry their eyes out after the 8 hour surgery that saved my life. They went through hell with that, and now they are going through hell with this.
    why has this happened to us… to everyone? I know there are people going through worse all around the world…and i hate that… but THIS, THIS is my children’s lives and futures I am fighting for! I need help more than I have ever need or will need help in my life. I will take it from anywhere it is offered. I will,however, make certain that if I am lucky enough to make it through this and somehow get to a point where i can help others.. I will pay it forward as best i can. I am sorry for this poorly written rant. I feel a tad crazy at the moment. My poor kids. What a horrible, horrible position I have put them in. I feel so guilty and ashamed.

    I know these decisions to spend more money through congress and the senate are not easy to make. I know just needing help dose not mean they should offer it at a cost to everyone else… but I am begging you politicians. I have virtually nowhere else to turn. I can’t let my kids be forced into sleeping at a shelter with me or , god forbid, without me. This hurts too much. Sorry whoever reads this… I am sorry. bye

  26. Bev says:

    I’m in Ohio. My husbands UB and extentions were exhausted in May 2010, ( 79 Weeks ) Will this new bill affect him?

  27. Ray says:

    I have been a Republican all my life. My dad was a liberal Democrat and we used to argue about politics. My dad would always tell me the Republicans were heartless. I would say, “Dad, you have to quit reading the LA Times so much”. This economic collapse has made the Republicans show their true colors. They just passed a $60 Billion War Bill. I bet they didn’t even read it. As long as it has “War” written on it, the Republicans will vote for it. How can any Senator, with good conscience, ignore the pleas from needy people the way they do? How heartless do you have to be? Well, I know one thing, I will never vote Republican again and I can look to the sky and say to my dad who is in Heaven now, “Dad, you were right”.

  28. Nc Confused says:

    I am in disbelief…North Carolina continually put people on a roller coaster, lying one day and telling a different story the next…in the past week, I’ve heard 4 different stories. The latest being that because I only received 16 weeks of initial benefits, I am not eligible for the extension, but those who received 26 weeks of initial benefits can have 73 total weeks. So, I’m not a 99er but somehow, I’m still screwed. I have had high paying jobs, I am well educated, I have tried to get any job, any pay (yes including minimum wage, part-time anything) No one will hire me, the minimum wage jobs, say I am over qualified, so don’t tell me to lower my expectations Mr. MakeItHappen!!! When the state says you are eligible, a person will rely on that, like I did. Now after 3 1/2 weeks there is nothing left for food, nothing left for school clothes for my 6-year-old. I am at the end of what I can handle, I didn’t choose this. I have somewhere around 60 pages, 5,000 resumes that I have sent since March of 2009, all across the country, willing to move my family anywhere. I have a mother that had a traumatic brain injury in January, I had to hospitalize my father for Alzheimers in Febuary, my father in law has heart problems, I should be working and able to care for my family. Instead, I can barely breath with this stress.

  29. Kevin NY says:

    Filed in jun ’09… So about 59 weeks ago. According to my benefits chart, it looks like I should receive up to 78 weeks… But my “remaining balance” runs out tomorrow. They don’t answer the phone anymore either, due to “high call volumes.” Does anyone know what this means? Does it end this week, or will it extend to Nov? (78 wks)?

  30. David says:

    To Michael: I’m sorry but the Republican Party is to blame for this. And unfortunately, as a typical Repub you want to change history. First of all, we had a surplus when your man Bush came into power. By the end of his 2 terms he TRIPLED the deficit and created de-regulation that allowed wall street to hood-wink the public thus causing the financial calamity. And under his regime started the ball rolling for bailing out wall street. (Obama just carried on with it)
    Obama gets elected to clean up things and what does the Repub Party do… block him at every attempt. Even at the expense of the little man on the street. Do I have to remind you who killed your unemployment?
    And where/when exactly did Demos ‘vote’ jobs to China? That doesn’t even make any sense. Again, you want to place blame on the wrong people. You should be blaming Corporations. Because if Corporations payed their fair share of taxes and were not allowed to send jobs overseas we might not be in this situation. But guess which party is all for tax breaks for Corporations? Your party!!!
    I’m an independent but when someone starts spattering lies and is obviously confused about history and tries to divert the blame from their own party I get riled.
    That’s what’s wrong with this damned country. There are too many right-wingers running around refusing to accept what their party and president have done to this country. i.e. run it into the ground.

  31. David says:

    To Ray: Good Man Ray… I’m an Independent but it’s always nice to see someone’s eyes open to the truth. It’s blatantly obvious to me as well that the Repubs don’t truly care about America, they only care about their party. My sarcastic viewpoint is, Obama could cure cancer and the GOP would cook up a reason why cancer patients shouldn’t take the cure. (probably something to do with socialism!)
    Can I recommend a great book to you? It’s called ‘Broken Government’. It’s by John Dean. He was Nixon’s lawyer during Watergate. But he jumped ship as well leaving the GOP to become Independent. In the book he discloses all the nasty (and quite a few illegal) things the GOP has pulled over the years. Thus, explaining why he jumped ship. It’s a great read!!!

  32. David says:

    To Chris: You have nothing to be sorry for. I know they may sound like empty words but ‘hang in there’ okay? My prayers are with you that something opens up for you soon. REAL SOON !!!

  33. CHUCK says:

    i have been trying since the ohjio extension was passed to get an answer concerning my next tier,tier 3. my claim shows no payments are eligible .i did speak with one rep,she said i should get tier 3 automatically. but still unable to addess my benefits page.what can i do?thanks.

  34. John says:

    To Chuck: According to the local EU office rep. they are trying to fix the system so everyone would get their benefit checks. He estimated 2 to 6 weeks.. Told me to just sit tight and wait. :/

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