Unemployment Extension Bill Passes: Who Is Eligible

By Stephanie Robins on July 22, 2010, 10:15 am Posted in Business News

The Unemployment Extension Bill passes who is eligible for benefits? The answer to this question is, the unemployed will receive financial relief, and their unemployment status will be reinstated. However, it does not offer relief to those who have been out of work 99 weeks or longer. They are known as the 99rs. The Bill also does not offer any additional COBRA benefits after the initial twenty-six weeks leaving most unemployed no way to pay for health care.

Where Does The Extension Unemployment Bill Go From Here

The process is that the Extension Unemployment Bill has to be returned to the Senate. They approved the Bill several weeks ago; however, they must approve it again. President Obama will then receive the Bill for his final approval.

The Delay Has Cost The Unemployed People

The delay of having to have the Bill returned to Senate again, has cost millions of unemployed people their benefits. Their benefits ceased seven weeks ago. The unemployed are hoping that the Bill will pass in Senate within a few days. The President is in disbelief that the Republican House Committee, has denied, the American people in this position, of being able to maintain. It has been proven that extending benefit dollars usually goes right back into the economy and new jobs are created.

What Will The Average Benefits Be After Approval Of the Bill

The national average of Unemployment payment is $309 a week. However, some States like Mississippi it is $235. The state of Massachusetts has the top benefits of $943 a week. The extension of the unemployment benefits will be reauthorized until November.


The Unemployment Extension Bill Could Have Been Passed Sooner

The White house criticized the Republicans for enforcing an extra day of debate under the Senate rules. This rule also states that all 100 Senators would have had to agree to waive them. This caused an extra 30 hour wait for the families that were already suffering.

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