2011 Mazda 2 Powered Up By SKY Powertrain Shows Nice At Auto Show

By Jeffrey Paulsen on April 4, 2010, 10:47 am Posted in Business News

Mazda (OOTC:MZDAY) announced the SKY engines and drive trains earlier this year. This newer, more fuel-efficient engine and transmission combination will be made available on several 2011 Mazda cars.. The sleek Mazda 2 with the SKY power train made its debut at the New York auto show. Unlike many offerings of the other car makers the Mazda 2 comes in at a little more than $14,000.

Sporty Yet Efficient

The Sky Power train achieves 15% greater fuel efficiency than the previous Mazda engine. Sky engines that use diesel fuel get 43 miles per gallon under highway conditions. The standard gasoline powered engine used in the Mazda 2 gets slightly lower fuel efficiency, but still gets 35 miles per gallon highway and 28 mpg in the city. Its 1.5 liter engine can produce 100 horsepower. The target market for the Mazda 2 is not a person who is interested in power but a person who is interested in smaller cars that do not guzzle gas.

Mazda’s designers decided to shy away from the box look of many other subcompacts when designing this car. The Mazda 2 comes with 4 doors, a hatchback, and the car raises from the front to the back. Unlike the Model T, the Mazda 2 comes in five colors The consumer can choose between Spirited Green, Brilliant Black clear coat, Liquid Silver, True Red and Crystal White Pearl when the car first becomes available.


Mazda’s Goal

Mazda motors plans on improving the fuel efficiency of cars by 30% worldwide. The Sky power train is the company’s first step along this goal. The first Mazda 2 will go on sale in the United States in June of this year. If a consumer wishes to purchases a car with a manual transmission, he must wait a little longer. The standard equipment package for the Mazda includes a six-speed automatic transmission.

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  1. Janet says:

    Fell out of bed feneilg down. This has brightened my day!

  2. Rushikesh says:

    The department that I am now reirted from has used Chevrolets (first Caprice, then Luminas, now Impalas) almost exclusively (we do use Ford Explorers too) for many years. The last Caprices were the BEST police vehicles ever produced (and I hope the new 2012 Caprices exceed them), while the Luminas were o.k. for routine stuff, but, until the 1998-1999 models, weren’t much on power–awesome handling though. The Impalas, which my department began using in 2000 and currently is using, were and are excellent for our needs (country roads in all kinds of repair, substantial winter driving needs–i.e. snow, etc.), and get excellent mileage. As I stated, I am reirted; however, I personally own a 1995 Caprice Classic 9C1, a 1996 Lumina 9C3, and a 2002 Impala 9C1, my favorite being the Caprice. I purchased it from a little old lady, who purchased it at auction, and it has the fewest miles (105,000+).

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